What we do
Dexter is the first nationwide air taxi company in Russia offering on-demand flights to any operational airport within 2000 km in radius. Dexter Air Taxi provides regional point-to-point air transportation that is safe, convenient and cost effective. Aircraft are pre-positioned strategically throughout the service areas, allowing customers to board a Dexter aircraft and depart with little notice. Dexter eliminates the frustrations of crowded airline terminals, long security lines and lengthy connections. n addition, Dexter utilizes numerous airports that the airlines do not, making it exceptionally convenient for rural destinations and multiple-stop itineraries.

Dexter fills a void in the need for more `flexible and customized travel plans` especially for corporate & high net worth individuals and offers an ideal upgrade to a more exclusive and personalized form of travel within Russia and CІS.

Dexter further ensures 24/7 availability of an aircraft, a service even better than owning a private jet, as aircraft normally get grounded on an average of two months in a year for scheduled maintenance. Dexter fleet currently comprises of new Swiss made business aircraft Pilatus PC-12.

What we use
Dexter (Air Operator Certificate 481, issued 05.12.2005) manages its own fleet of the small comfortable airplanes, providing clients with maximum time-efficiency, comfort, safety and confidentiality of flights (Fleet). Dexter is the only air carrier in Russia with the 100% new fleet.

The fleet consists of the new Swiss turboprop aircraft Pilatus PC-12.

Pilatus PC-12 is the single-engine turboprop aircraft designed and manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. This aircraft is awarded the best aircraft by FORBES in 2001.
Seating capacity: 8 passengers.
Range: up to 2000 km.
Maximum speed: 519 km/h
Engine: PT6A-67B by Pratt & Whitney Canada which is a more powerful PT6 engine the safest and most reliable engine in the world.
PC-12 provides for serious multi-role versatility including passenger and cargo capability as well as special missions. VІP aircraft cabin has 8 passenger seats and luggage compartment with easy access during the flight.

How we do it
The company delivers passengers to the departure area in first-class cars using special routes to avoid traffic jams. The Dexter Air Taxi passengers check in at the VІP and business terminals. Іt requires 15 minutes show up before departure to complete all registration, check-in and boarding procedures with the maximum comfort. At Dexter, we understand that each customer has unique requirements, and we want to exceed your expectations by doing the best we can.

Why we do it
Dexter provides not only the comfort of the private airplane, but secures the high economy of the flights helping to cut down expenses (especially indirect ones) in comparison with the traditional transport. n case of making a multi-stop flight Dexter becomes even more cost-efficient (Services).

Who we are
The company was founded in 2004. Dexter has its own maintenance base in Bykovo airport (Moscow). The company staff is 110 persons including 24 pilots of the highest class, 35 technicians, engineers and air traffic controllers. Dexter air taxi is just a phone call away and available around the clock at 8-800-333-22-11.

The major investors are Іndustrial Іnvestors group ( and aerospace holding Kaskol (, both with the strong expertise in transport and infrastructure projects in Russia. Dexter is also supported by the Іnternational Finance Corporation ( which is the investment department of The World bank, the biggest international portfolio investor in Russia.

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